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Guo Yi Machinery takes part in the 2018 China (Shanghai) CNC machine tool exhibition. Release time:2018.08.22
On April 9, 2018, the 10th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT 2018), sponsored by China Machine Tool Industry Association and co-sponsored by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., opened in Shanghai New International Exposition Center. Guoyi High Speed Precision Punching Machine also participated in the exhibition, showing three series of GYH, GDH, GYC 5 high speed precision punching equipment.

Guoyi pursues the international and innovative spirit of enterprise, and by virtue of modern enterprise management means and excellent and efficient team, constantly develop their own advantages and integrate industry resources to develop a series of high-quality high-speed punch. The exhibition came to the national booth and visitors from all over the world.

The theme of this exhibition is "Focus-Digital Interconnection Intelligent Manufacturing". The theme accurately and vividly reflects the development of China's machine tool industry and the characteristics of the industrial market, responds to the latest changes in the domestic and foreign machine tool consumption market, and condenses the attention and thinking of the domestic and foreign machine tool industry on the future development direction. Test.

This exhibition has a large number of exhibits, new products and fine products gathered, the variety and quantity of the exhibition far exceeds the previous CCMT exhibition. The exhibits cover a wide range of metal cutting machines, metal forming machines, special processing machines, flexible processing units, automated production lines, industrial robots, control systems and automated components, functional components, measuring tools / cutting tools / cutting tools, measuring and testing instruments, accessories and materials, and a variety of categories, a collection of modern machine tools With the latest manufacturing technology level. Focusing on the theme of the exhibition, CCMT 2018 presents the latest technological achievements in digital manufacturing, information interconnection solutions and intelligent manufacturing systems.

Dongguan Guoyi High Speed Precision Punching Machine has gathered more than ten interested customers at home and abroad. Guoyi will continue to develop high quality and high efficiency high speed precision punching machine to create more value for customers.