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India customers come to see 300 tons of high-speed precision press machine Release time:2018.08.22

Two customers from Kerala, India came to our company to see 300 tons of high-speed precision punch, understand the performance of this punch, parameters, appearance characteristics, etc., referring to our company expressed interest in purchasing one.

The interested customers from Kerala, India were introduced by their friends to recommend a high-speed punch, after the understanding of Pazhou exhibition in Guangzhou, on the spot on the 300 tons of high-speed precision punch stamping stator and rotor to do a detailed understanding and communication. A month later, I came to Dongguan Laobu factory again to visit, to know the company's processing and production strength and equipment details. After a morning's detailed understanding, I was very satisfied with the quality and service of our products and would like to purchase one.

GYH-300T Standard Functions/Accessories for 300T High Speed Precision Punch: Sliding Balancer, Lubricant Cooling System, Slide Balancer, Electric Slide Adjuster, Digital Mould Height Indicator (Unit: 0.01MM), Automatic Forced Circulation Lubrication Feed, Crankshaft Angle Indicator (Electronic), Reversal Device, Air Jet Device, Air Source Connection Head, slider octahedral roller bearing guidance, using 10-point electronic cam output signal, frequency converter, two-handed mobile button bath as a platform, cutting / inch movement / Safety - stroke / continuous stroke.

125 tons of high-speed precision punch stamping products are motor stator and rotor, motor stator and rotor, continuous stretching hardware accessories. Stamping speed: 200-2000 times /min, stamping stroke: 15-50mm, closing height: 180-500mm.

Dongguan Guoyi high-speed precision punch to provide customers with high-quality 300 tons of high-speed precision punch stamping solutions, Guoyi will continue to develop high-quality, high-efficiency high-speed precision punch, to create more value for customers. Service hotline:  +86 137 1736 8788(Tom Moo)