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Development History
June 1993
Set up MediaTek foundry

July 2006
Began to engage in C high-speed press research and development, GYC-85-65-45-25-16

June 2009
Officially registered in Dongguan, Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd is engaged in the manufacture and sale of presses and extremely surrounding machines

September 2009
Independent research and development of high-speed Longmen Press Series GYH-85-65-45-30
The same year, widely sold in domestic and foreign markets, at the same time into the motor stator and rotor Market

July 2010
Development of large Longmen high speed press GYH-300T-220T-125T
GDH-300T-220T-125T is also sold to Southeast Asia, Turkey, Mexico and other places

Establishment of the first domestic office - Dongguan one Kunshan Office

May 2012
Access to CE EU security certification, the product entered the European market for the first time

February 2013
Won many patent certificate for punching machine

October 2014
Won the title of hi tech enterprise of Guangdong Province

March 2015
Set up a national precision machinery Zhejiang office, Xiamen Office

April 2016
The first foreign office -- India office was established

March 2017
The Hebei office was established

July 2017
Access to ISO9001:2015 management system certification