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About Us
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Corporate Culture
Core values
GUOYI is a unity, innovation family, “love is as deep as the sea,commitment is expensive as gold” is employees working standards. There is unlimited  wisdom and potential in staff, we adhere to the principle how to employee people, and absorb a large number of technical and intelligent employees.

Technology is people-oriented
Ethics first, business second , first a friend , then a business. Do business with virtue, Make products to be in good conduct, it is the biggest good deed to produce qualified and reliable products. It is precisely because of this quality, the company will step out of the industry first, the internal outreach, and make friends everywhere, so our friends and customers all over the world.

Enterprise spirit
The future development of Guoyi machine is professional oriented, every process is professional, every link is professional, every detail is professional, we will be professional, and create miracles.