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Chairman's Speech
Guoyi adheres to the concept of credit management, based on reality, pragmatic, look far ahead from a high plane, vigorously and speedily, advocate "to streamline the fine repair, quality first" philosophy, adhere to the "customer first, sincere cooperation" business attitude, the new trend of the future development of the industry focus, moving toward the road of development of circular economy stride.

"International, innovation, only" has been GUOYI people`s corporate culture motto and Guoyi is in the pursuit a heroic dream, "When it comes to the top, the hills are small". 

 Gallop twenty years thoroughly tempered, know well about market demand in the domestic and foreign countries, provide safe and reliable and a full range,  of stamping solutions and equipments to meet customer requirements ,also technical support, thoughtful and meticulous service; create the biggest value for the all the users; finally being a world-renowned brand.

GUOYI firmly believes that tomorrow will certainly be better than today, all in a hard work, unity and cooperation, has created one after another miracle. We show a wonderful, extraordinary, rapid development , won a lot of government awards and a high degree of public trust and recognition.

Thanks to our cooperated enterprises and people concerned with the development of Guoyi, we have a big development and progress becaese of your help , hope to make more powerful and valuable support to us in new development opportunities, let us work together, mutual benefit and create a brilliant tomorrow.