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About Us

Dongguan Guoyi precision Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Liaobu Town Xiangxi industrial area adjacent to Dongguan City Songshan Lake National Industrial Park and strategic location, transportation is very convenient, is a professional high-end precision automatic stamping design and manufacturing company The Long-term service in the press and peripheral equipment. 

Guoyi is in the pursuit of international quality, and expand the spirit of enterprise innovation, and by virtue of modern enterprise management tools and excellent team, and constantly develop their own advantages and integration of industry resources, Using the rich technical experience and by the majority of customers support, Continue to grow and develop, experienced from the maintenance of trade to the present precision machinery manufacturing.

Dongguan Guoyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.  has been the product quality as the company to participate in the core of market competition since  established, Due to this successful position and strong sense of product quality of GUOYI whole staff, "GUOYI" brand developed rapidly and sustainably And  enjoyed a good reputation in stamping industry; establishing a strict quality inspection system according to product quality requirements, work out the scientific test standards to control and manage all aspects related to quality strictly. and the test indicators were Standardization, responsibility to the people, to ensure that the company continued production of qualified products.

Guoyi innovates and develops a new generation of presses with the combination of Japanese technology, press types are: C type, H type, single point, double point, medium speed, high speed and so on. Technical innovation and word of mouth to ensure , as well as first-class accessories and good quality products to make GUOYI press to play the biggest advantage ... 

Aim higher and forge ahead is GUOYI's development concept. Base on the good reputation as the basis, uphold the stabilization and development, realistic and innovative spirit, to provide customers with more comprehensive, and high-quality press equipment. With a professional sense of responsibility considering innovation as the driving force, performance as the assessment criteria,customer satisfaction as a working principle, aimed at working hard for tomorrow of GUOYI.