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Why to choose Guoyi Machines?

Four reasons
  • Brand Strength Guarantee
    China 3A quality credit business,Through the ISO quality system, won more than 10 patents,Become a high - tech enterprises in Guangdong;
    Combined with Japan's advanced technology research and development of a new generation of punch equipment, nuclear power plants, the national military equipment enterprises and many well-known business partners, products exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countriesMore than 30 countries and regions;
    Service Hotline: 137 1181 1888
  • Excellent Quality Assurance
    The company has plant areaMore than 20,000 square meters, A car, milling, drilling, boring and other processing of nearly 100 sets of refining equipment;
    There are a number of highly educated, high-quality machinery industry in the average15 years of technical team, Independent research and development, independent design, product processing and manufacturing, product with one-stop;
    Established a strict quality inspection system, with more than 50 testing equipment, Each link, each process, each device strict checks, not to an unqualified product into the market;
    Service Hotline: 137 1181 1888
  • Optimal Cost
    The company's products are rich in variety, high-speed (C-type, H-type), the speed (single point, double point), gantry steel frame, and other precision punch equipment;
    For customers to develop equipment configuration program, equipment, process layout, Fast and convenient maintenance program for customers to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs;
    Service Hotline: 137 1181 1888
  • Perfect Aftermarket
    Supply quickly, professional installation and commissioning of the door , when the client to implement a complete operation and maintenance training;
    We are faulty machine parts1 year free replacement, Provide technical support, via Skype and e-mail, within 24 hours we send engineers to provide on-site service commissioning and operation training. Our engineers provide you with on-site repairs to help you solve quality problems.
    Service Hotline : 137 1181 1888

Guoyi Case

Dongguan Guoyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Dongguan Guoyi precision Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Liaobu Town Xiangxi industrial area adjacent to Dongguan City Songshan Lake National Industrial Park and strategic location, transportation is very convenient, is a professional high-end precision automatic stamping design and manufacturing company The Long-term service in the press and peripheral equipment. 

Customer Witness Company News

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